KuleTags offers 3 powerful ways to advertise your business or affiliate sites. Keyword Tag Ads, KuleTags Mailer, and our stunning Lightbox Ads.

Keyword Tags are color coded keyword ads that rotate in the cloud tags section on the main sales page and in the member area. They are seen by all visitors who come to the main site via owner promotions or an affiliate link and this means mass exposure for your websites.

Your keyword ads get huge exposure when they rotate as full page website displays when users login to their accounts each day.

You can choose the word, the word size and the color you wantt and you can edit your word and color at anytime.

And select the keyword, the size, and the color you want when you see it...

Tag Lightbox Ads are visually stunning graphic ads that can be attached to any keyword.  Visitors see them when they mouse over your keywords.

If users click on any part of the lightbox ad KuleTags will redirect the visitor instantly to your website or affiliate site.

You can choose from any of the 10 pre-designed light box ads or you can choose a custom lightbox ad. You choose the background, ad copy and image and we will create the graphic for you. 

And select the Lightbox Ad when you get to that page...

TagMail is a 100% can spam compliant web based mailing system. When you use TagMail you can reach up to 575,000 active marketers and business people, 9,500 at a time daily.

By using TagMail you could dramatically increase your response rates faster than you can by using other kinds of advertising. We continue to build this list for you. All you need to do is use it.

And login to your account to order TagMail...

The KuleTags founder membership gives you maximum marketing power and saves you the most money. Plus we promote your KuleTags keywords for you.

You get the largest keyword tag (Tycoon) with 100:1 ad rotations. (value $497.00). You get a powerful Lightbox ad. (Value $49.00), and you get the KuleTags daily mailer. (value $597.00).

And select the Founder OTO...

Get paid weekly with Kuletags. Join at the Rookie Level (free) and we'll pay you 10% commission.

Join at the Apprentice or Manager Level and we'll pay you 20% commission. Join at the Coach, Mentor, or Master Level and we'll pay you 30% commission. Join at the Champion, Superstar, or Tycoon Level and we'll pay you 40% commission. Join at the Founder level and we'll pay you 50% commissions.

Select OTO2 when you see it...

You can join KuleTags free. Simply select the smallest size keyword tag (rookie). Your keyword tags will rotate on the main site. The only thing you need to do is login daily, view 2 websites and your keyword tag ads will display for another 24 hours.

When you view each website you earn credits and those credits can be used to obtain free text ads in the members links section.

Select the Rookie size when you see it...

* If you purchase a Tycoon, Superstar, and Champion Level keyword you get unlimited credits and that means you don't need to view websites to earn more credits to use for that keyword.

If you purchase a lower level keyword. You get credits with these keywords as well but they are not unlimited and you will need to replenish them before they run out. You can earn more easily by viewing ads or you can simply purchase more at members only discount prices.

Free members must login daily to keep their ads running on the network for another day.

While you have enough credits there is no need to do anything we do all the promotion for you. Your keyword tags will be constantly advertised by the owners of KuleTags and by our affiliates.